How to get involved!

Law Students are extremely busy, us Law Spouses know all too well how the late night studying goes. We urge you to come to Law Partner events to help us build a community with others who relate to our situations. We would love to see the Law Partners program grow, and we need you to help with that! The more people we have attending events, and helping out, the more fun we can have and the better the events can be.

We are a place for woman with no children, women with children, and yes, even husbands! Anyone who is a spouse to a Law Student, this group is for YOU! Let us know what activities you love, what you would differently. Please leave us comments as feedback after an event you attended.

To be able to put events together, it requires planning and funding.  We are are a law school club and receive funding from the SBA (Student Bar Association). Because we are a club, we are required to charge dues. In the past we have charged $20 and just a few of our members paid dues. I can understand, $20 can be a significant part of a student budget and a significant investment if you are not sure how many events you will be able to attend. This year we are decreasing the dues to $5 in an effort to make the dues more affordable and in the hopes that more of you will choose to pay and participate with us this year.

In addition to the $5 dues, if you choose to participate in the Gifts of the Heart Exchange (GOTHE), you will need to pay an additional $5. This event is not free to sponsor and this year MBASA (the main sponsor of GOTHE) has asked that we contribute in order to continue our participation. The budget amount we received from the SBA is insufficient to cover this cost so rather than have everyone pay more, we decided that those who are utilizing this service would cover the extra cost. 
For those who want to participate in the upcoming exchange on the 15th, please pay dues at the opening social (or mail a check to our treasurer, Beth MacCallum, 23 Wymount Ter, Provo, UT 84604). Let me know if you have any questions and we hope to see many of you at the opening social!

We would love to make Law Partners a solid program that can offer a community of support and act as an outlet for those of us going through the Law School experience - because let's face it - we may not be the ones attending Law School, but we sure feel like it sometimes!

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